SkyGiraffe Version 5.8 Feature Overview

by Itay Braun | Sep 23, 2016

SkyGiraffe’s latest product upgrade, aptly called version 5.8, is officially live for our customers. Here are all the features we’ve added or updated this time around:

1. Integrated Web App for URL Tab Template (New Feature)

This new feature gives users the ability to integrate a secure Web app into the SkyGiraffe platform and implement Single Sign On by sending the Access Token to the Web app. For example, a customer might need to show an employee calendar. SkyGiraffe does not have a tab template to support this request, but the customer can develop an integrated Web app for an employee calendar and connect it to the SkyGiraffe platform.


2. Tab Level Action(s) (New Feature)

This new type of Action allows users to add actions such as ‘New Service Calls’ or ‘Request Vacation’ to an existing tab that already shows a list of ‘Service Calls’ or ‘Used Vacation.’ The new feature allows all associated actions to live in the same tab. Applicable in the Studio and on Mobile.




3. Sync Mode & Auto Refresh option for Row/Tab Action(s) (New Feature)

In previous versions, all configured actions were Asynchronous or Async. This meant that after an action was triggered on the mobile device, the users could continue browsing the application, while the action executed on the backend. Now users can configure actions to be Synchronous or Sync, so if an action is triggered on the mobile device, the users have to wait for the action to execute and return a response. An auto refresh option is also available for Sync actions, meaning after the action executes, the tab will automatically refresh.

For example, if there is a list of service calls and the ‘New Service Call’ action is configured as Sync with Auto Refresh option enabled, the tab will automatically refresh and show a new row if the user creates a new service call.

4. Success/Failure Action Message Customization (New Feature)

App Creators can now customize the action response message onSuccess or onFailure. This gives greater flexibility in using custom error messages or non-default messages.


5. Image as Advanced Column for list template only (New Feature)

A list tab template can now include an image as one of the columns, giving App Creators more options to display an image on Mobile. 

6. Allow empty Placeholder text (Enhancement)

App Creators will now be allowed to have empty placeholder text for parameters. This is applicable in scenarios where the parameter labels have enough guidance for mobile users, and thus the placeholder text is not necessary.

7. Date only / Date & Time parameter picker (Enhancement)

Studio now allows App Creators to configure a date/time report or action parameter to send only the Date or Date & Time. This presents mobile users with two types of date pickers: one only shows the date and the other shows both date and time.


8. Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for REST Data Item (New Feature)

App Creators can now use a DLL to change the body or the header of a REST Data Item before the Data Item is called. This gives App Creators more flexibility during app development because they don’t have to change existing Web Services. Instead they can use the DLL to add digital signatures or change expected parameter formats. For example, Web Service might require adding a special digital signature to each call for authentication purposes. The App Creator can simply load the DLL “SignRequest” which would add the necessary header properties. 

9. Improved Look for Action Studio Module (Enhancement)

With Actions becoming more configurable in the Studio, we’ve modified the Action screen was modified to give the same look as other complicated objects such as Reports and Data Items. 


10. Send Notification to Slack Channel (New Feature)

A new Stored Procedure called spSG_SlackNotification or a Web Service can be used to send a Slack message to a Slack Channel. The stored procedure can be found in the SG_Local Database (SGIS DB).

For more on these features and how to use them, or for information on getting set up with SkyGiraffe contact us at [email protected].

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