One Connector to Rule Them All: SkyGiraffe + Tableau

by Boaz Hecht | Oct 11, 2016

SkyGiraffe launches “meta-connector” for Tableau to integrate ANY corporate data with ease

Business analysts, salespeople, marketers, and all other Tableau users (and all those who appreciate a good Lord of the Rings reference) can all get excited; there’s finally one connector “to rule them all.”

“Them all” being data sources, of course.


SkyGiraffe is launching a ”meta-connector” for companies to immediately manage data from all their backend systems, like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, etc., within Tableau (and other third-party front-ends such as Slack and Google Sheets) through one secure endpoint.

Users can also apply their existing enterprise permissions, authentication, authorization, and security to any data they pull into Tableau, a capability that has not previously existed.

Key benefits of the meta-connector for Tableau:

  • Develop rich visualizations on top of live datasets
  • Securely pull data from any enterprise system
  • Connect to any REST service in your organization  
  • Enable teams to see information in real time for data-informed decisions
  • Apply your existing enterprise permissions, authentication, and security to any data you pull into Tableau

Here are some of the key Tableau use cases that benefit from the SkyGiraffe platform:

Daily profit KPI

  • Measure success by the tracking total profit (or another KPI) per business day. See what sales tactics work best on specific days and replicate them to increase overall sales.


Actual vs. target sales

  • Display the difference in actual profit compared to target profit per region, store, product, etc., to identify trends and help your organization reach its goals.


Profits By Product

  • See sales for specific products across regions to compare profit margins and spot trends.


Tickets and Inventory

  • Get an overarching view of service tickets, by status, by category, and/or over time.


To request access to the connector or to learn more, please contact [email protected].

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