News Flash: Going Mobile with Oracle Isn’t Really That Hard Anymore.

by Boaz Hecht | May 11, 2017

Mobilize Your Oracle Database

Legacy CRM systems like Siebel to Oracle Sales Cloud, HR Systems like PeopleSoft to HCM Cloud and on-prem to cloud databases have all evolved in recent years in an effort to catch up with the needs of end users. This means we all work in a hybrid environment and will do so for the foreseeable future.

In today’s BYOD world, where IT organizations are expected to deliver apps that provide intelligent and actionable data and promote productivity, harnessing the value that rests within your underlying systems is more critical than ever.

While web services are being built, a lot of times there aren’t any and won’t be for a long time.

If you’re a Database Administrator (DBA) that has been managing these systems, you realize better than anyone just how tall an order meeting this demand can be. That’s because building apps and deploying them to mobile devices has traditionally required long, complex projects that demand specialized, dedicated front and back-end resources.

Back-end development teams must be able to integrate database systems, configure permissions, authentication processes and access policies, and connect all of this to a front-end user interface that translates effectively on all of the end user devices in their network. DBAs must manage data not only on-premises but also in cloud and hybrid environments. With the demand for mobile apps outstripping available skilled resources, continuing with this paradigm for mobility is cost prohibitive and results in delays that make scaling mobile apps impossible. End users never end up receiving viable production apps when they actually need them, undermining their ability to actually yield ROI.

‘It is what it is’… Or is it?

So what’s a DBA to do? Facing these supposed realities, you can hardly blame anyone for shrugging their shoulders and saying ‘it is what it is’… But what if ‘it’, isn’t anymore?

News flash: Today, enterprises are building native mobile apps on top of their existing databases and scaling deployment to their various line of business employees within hours, not years.

Whether you’re running Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle HCM/CRM on-premises, or migrating to the cloud, SkyGiraffe’s end-to-end and no code enteprise mobility platform lets you connect to data sets housed in any of your Oracle systems — or any other data source for that matter. Multiple front-end options, an adaptive middleware and back-end integration allow DBAs to easily configure data sources and distribute functional workflows to their mobile users while securely providing them with a native user experience.

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